Monday, June 6, 2011

House Updates

Casey got our basement shower doors installed and I love how they look! The bathroom feels so fresh and simple and clean.

I can't believe that it used to look like this:

::shudders:: That is a lime green toilet by the way. Only slightly better than the dark brown fixtures in the upstairs bathroom. I never realized how much I love white until I moved into a house filled with dark brown.

Much better.

We also got the built in shelves in the basement painted which gives us some great storage space. I am going to put some baskets on the shelves to hide items along with books and games.

We're trying to finish up little projects throughout the house before delving into the next big project which will most likely be the dark brown bathroom atrocity upstairs. We are getting closer and closer to being "done" or at least having more rooms in the done column than in the to be renovated column. It's a nice feeling!


Amy said... [Reply to comment]

This looks fab! What is that paint color? I've been wanting a purple room with black accents forever! I have a lot of white now too, and while I love how it looks the Magic Eraser has become my new bff. It's a PITA to keep clean, non?

Christina said... [Reply to comment]

@Amy The color is hazy lilac from Benjamin Moore. I haven't had too much trouble keeping the white clean. Uhm, maybe because we never use that bathroom! But we will be using it soon when we gut the upstairs one so I may need to buy a magic eraser!

Frameless Shower Door said... [Reply to comment]
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