Friday, July 23, 2010

Project 365: Week 28

One of my friends requested that I do more commentary on my 365 posts. I am not a particularly "talkative" blogger. I like all my posts to have pictures and am not the best writer in the world. But, I know it is good to have both writing and commentary so I will try to talk a little more about my pictures from now on. I definitely see the benefit of telling you why I like certain pictures or how I got certain effects.

These are more monument pictures, taken at the Jefferson Memorial. This first picture is all about the details. I love the details around the columns and as a bonus, no tourists get in the way of these types of shots! I found myself shooting upwards a lot, to avoid tourists.

I really like this shot for the composition of it, just wish it was a little more sharp. It might look cool in black and white, too.

This one was a good one in theory, but not sure if it came out exactly how I wanted it. It was such a gorgeous sunset, I liked the contrast of the pinks of the sky against the stark columns.

This one is neat in way that the Jefferson Memorial frames the Washington Monument. It's hard to see online but the two red lights at the top of the monument are illuminated. I took a series of pictures here in order to get one that had the lights lit up (because they blink on and off).

I like the composition of this one although I'm not sure if I am love with the picture as a whole.

Not the most exciting picture, but the clouds were so cool that night!

Tripods are strictly prohibited in most of the monuments around the Capitol but since we were part of a class, they allowed us to use ours. However, we were not allowed inside the monument, just around the outside perimeter. I was able to snap this shot of a peak inside the dome.


C7Lan said... [Reply to comment]

I love the sunset and columns picture! Lovely tones and composition.

Holyoke Home said... [Reply to comment]

Ooooh! So excited to find your blog! I moved to Holyoke from DC. I lived in NW on P between 10th & 11th. Living in DC is what made me fall in love with rowhouses!

You're on my Google reader list now!

Christina said... [Reply to comment]

Holyoke - Thanks for stopping over! We are in NE DC. Would love to relocate up North at some point, though!

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