Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Foyer/Fireplace Reno Project

When you walk in to our house you are greeted by a giant box. It looks something like this.

Or this, if Bella tries to laser you with her eyes:

This makeshift foyer was put in by some previous owner. How can we tell? Oh, because there are a series of lights in the entryway and one of them happens to be here:

While the other two are in the foyer area. If you look closely you will notice that we put crown moulding on either side of the eyeball since it was thisclose to the wall. Also the light switch for said lights is on the wall where the broom is. So you can't turn on the lights when walking into the house without going around the corner.

I realize that these people were trying to make an entryway of sorts but it just doesn't make sense for many reasons. Another one is these stairs:

Not very user friendly when you have about two feet until you run into a wall.

Thirdly, the living room is just way to small to warrant having this much space closed off. So, we tore it down. Now it is so much more open and user friendly. We are also re-tiling the foyer, and the hearth. Which brings me to this....

Um, yeah. I rest my case. Sad, sad hole in the wall.

So far we have removed the white stucco-esque paint surrounding the fireplace-hole, painted that and the entire inside black. Took down the chain link. We are in the process of putting up a mantel, and adding a slate tile border around the fireplace. Also, the accent wall color turned out a bit more salmon-pink than we intended so we are going to be painting it more of a brick color.

Pictures to come soon. Our plan is to get this done before Christmas. Because you need a mantel around Christmas time.


C7Lan said... [Reply to comment]

Where are the mantel pictures? Also, I'm confused - did you get rid of the foyer altogether?

Christina said... [Reply to comment]

Mantel pics coming soon. We totally did not meet our deadline, per usual.

Yes, foyer is gone forever. It's so much more open in there now!

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