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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enjoying their yard...


Monday, April 27, 2009

We can haz cabinets?

Lolspeak style. Speaking of which, our bulldog Matilda (Matty) was recently on loldogs:

Pure awesomeness. Btw, I can not take credit for the captioning, only for the picture. Alas, I am not creative enough for lolcaptions.

So, on Friday I pulled an all-day painting marathon and we now have a green kitchen (we can haz green kitshun - see? not so good).
Here it is after the first coat:

And after working all weekend, we accomplished hanging up some of the cabinets. Unfortunately for us, the cabinet place totally screwed up the corner sink cabinet. (a) It is not actually a sink cabinet, just a corner cabinet, and (b) it is 3 inches too short on both sides in the back. However, being the crafty people that we are, we managed to work it out so that we don't have to return the cabinet and wait 6 weeks for a new one. This only took about 5.6723 hours to accomplish. Hence, our slow progress.

Top cabinets are in, the dreaded corner cabinet lurks in the corner...

A little peak at the granite tile floor which, I am proud to say, Casey and I laid entirely by ourselves with our own sweat, blood and tears. And yes, I am quite sure all three of those bodily fluids went into that floor. But don't worry, no other bodily fluids are present...

I was a little apprehensive about the grout color at first. We used what appeared to be a dark grey but it ended up drying into a light grey. I was hoping for grout closer to black. However, I think this is growing on me. Plus, I have lost the energy and will to care.
Next weekend: install appliances, hang cabinet over the fridge, put together peninsula cabinets.

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Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been ignorning my blog for a bit. I am so overwhelmed with the kitchen renovation that I don't even want to think about it or talk about it any more than absolutely necessary. That being said, we are finally getting somewhere. Sort of.

Our kitchen cabinets and appliances are in and have taken up residence in the space formally known as the Living Room. I now prefer to call it the obstacle course.

We are making a mad dash to try and finish the painting so that we can begin to install the appliances and cabinets this weekend (yay)! This will probably take two weekends. We still have a lot of finishing touches to do after that but at least the painful stuff (ahem, drywall) will be complete.

Tonight I am putting on our first coat of paint. We are going with BM (does anyone else think of bowel movement when I type that?) Jalapeno Pepper. We are brave souls, but I think it will pay off. (ps this is also the same color as our living room couch!) Here are a couple of pictures of the same color that I hunted down:

I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Not much of the walls will actually be showing and I think the green will look great next to the black and white. I'll try to post pictures this weekend.

Up-dated to do list:
  • gut the kitchen
  • tear down wall between kitchen and dining room
  • re-wire kitchen electrical, all new outlets and switches
  • re-wire electrical from torn down wall
  • re-do plumbing, connect plumbing to outdoor hose in back yard
  • move gas line
  • replace door to backyard
  • paint door
  • box in areas where wall was torn down - mostly done
  • add new insullation
  • put up new drywall
  • take down ceiling light fixtures
  • paint walls and ceiling - working on this now
  • add/paint moulding around window and back door
  • replace ceiling light fixtures (add light over sink, pendant lighting)
  • tile floor
  • hang cabinets and cabinet moulding
  • install appliances
  • install cabinet knobs and pulls - need to buy
  • install under-cabinet lights - need to buy
  • install sink, garbage disposal, faucet - need to buy
  • have granite countertops installed
  • tile backsplash
  • unpack and put away all kitchen items
  • finish off wall into dining room

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Instant Yard

When we bought the house, the front yard was an ugly rock garden with some non-descript shubbery. We wanted to have some nice grass, a little tree, and some small bushes/shrubs along the house. So, Casey and I got rid of a couple tons of rock, pulled out the ugly existing shrubs and put down soil.

Then, in a little more than an hour, we lay down sod and had an instant yard! Awesome. We also planted a miniature redbud tree.


One hour later...

It's hard to see the tree, it is a bit Charlie Brown's christmas tree-esque, but it is there. Hopefully the grass and tree will flourish. We plan to plant more bushes close to the house to hide the ugly electrical boxes.
Btw, anyone have a 20ft ladder with which to take down that horrid looking light/siren on the front of the house?


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