Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Progress

I have yet to post before/after pics of what we have done so far. The main reason for this is that my personal computer died (or was killed) and I still need to retrieve the before photos from it. You really can't appreciate the afters until you see how awful the befores really were.

Here is a quick look at what is going on with the kitchen...

New door because the old one was hung too low and wouldn't open all the way (also, it was ugly):Start of the new floor. The hanging electrical boxes are from the wall that was torn down:
View from the dining room (you will notice the collection of Miller Lite cans, renovating is beer work):
New electrical and insulation:
And, drywall is almost up (no picture yet). But, the drywall is green and helped to solidify my paint color choice for the kitchen, BM Jalapeno Green. It's going to look so awesome with the black and white kitchen.


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