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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well Done, Target

Love these fabulous, inexpensive slipper chairs from Target and they come in lots of different styles and colors.

I'd like this one for the living room but couldn't quite convince Casey of the pattern:
I will probably go with either of these for the bedroom. I'd love to set up a little "reading nook" with one of these chairs and a side table. Since I need sooo much new furniture for the bedroom (bedside tables, lamps, dresser, mirror) I may try to paint an old unattractive table that we have already.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Kitchen Drawings

After lots of tweaking, I think we have finally decided on our kitchen design and we received the drawings today! Unfortunately, the kitchen is small and there isn't a lot of space so we are utilizing every last inch. There is no pantry in our kitchen so cabinets will have to be used for that as well.

We are doing painted white cabinets in a fairly modern, simple style. The cabinets above and next to the microwave (not pictured) will have glass doors. To the right of the fridge is the door to the back yard and the wall on the right hand side is a brick wall. My hope are to hang a few shelves on the brick wall for additional storage of maybe some nice cannisters and cookbooks.

The area where the "bar" is (not truly a bar b/c it is cabinet height) used to be a wall that we had lots of fun knocking down. Pictures coming as soon as we figure out where the heck we packed the camera. This will make our space so much more open and will give us additional counter space. The new space opens up into the dining room.
Here is the view from the top. As you can see, not a lot of room but we're using all the space we can. On the penninsula (for lack of a better word) I have pull out shelves which is probably where I will keep my pantry items. Also the small cabinet above it should work well for spices, canned goods, etc. To the left of the sink is the diswasher and to the right of it is a pull out trash can.
I just can't wait to get these bad boys ordered and into our house. Living without a kitchen right now sucks. Our job to get done before these come in is to put in a new floor, a new back door to the outside and re wire all the wiring from the torn down wall. Wish us luck!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

Our first big project is to remodel our kitchen. I love simple, white cabinets with dark granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and subway tile. Here are a few of my favorites.

I have toyed with doing a color back splash like this:

But now am pretty much decided on a more mono-chromatic look with a luscious subway tile back splash such as:
(the first one is from casamacho whose kitchen inspired my whole white/black kitchen obsession.)

I love the ranges that have the dials on the front, instead of covering up the back splash.

Here is another picture from casamacho's blog. I would love her same cabinets (American Woodmark - Gettysburg White from HD) but the quote we got from them seemed awfully high. We are still shopping around.

Perhaps an idea for more shelving since our cabinets will already be the tallest possible and we have high ceilings.

Looove these ceilings...

An idea for a punch of color, paint the walls a fun color. We will have very little actual walls showing and I would love to do the jalepeno green from BM.

Of course, I would die if my kitchen was this huge, but I love the dark wood floors. Not sure how these would look next to the lighter wood floors that are in the rest of our house.
I am toying with the idea of doing a color behind the glass cabinetry.

I love the dark countertops and splashes of red color.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

New Neighborhood

Casey and I had a chance to get out and explore our new neighborhood (H street NE/Atlas District) this weekend. We had an awesome time checking out new places and meeting new people.

The Pug - Bound to be our new favorite hangout. We love dive bars and this place is great, the staff is really friendly and it seems to be a popular local hangout. They will cook you hot dogs on a Foreman behind the bar and serve chili and sausage gravy biscuits. They also had an awesome warm apple cider.

Granville Moore's - 2 hour wait here both Friday and Saturday night. Saturday we actually decided to make the wait. Plan ahead, give the hostess your cell phone and then go to one of the nearby bars while you wait. The food was great! We had the blue cheese mussels which were heavenly. The fries are also delicious. Next time I go I want to try the bison tartare.

The Red and The Black - We stopped in for a drink while waiting for a table at Granville's. Seemed like a fun place.

The Argonaut - Cool atmosphere and good food, a neighborhood gastropub. We will definitely be going here lots.
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